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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Underworld: Evolution -- a review

Wow. We just walked in from watching Underworld: Evolution, and it was great. Fangs, claws, sex, fur, blood, gore, revenge, deceit, and family ties -- what more could you want?

The movie starts with a flashback that allows true fans an "Aha" moment but poses more questions based on what we "know" from the first movie. The origins of the Corvinus brothers and the ensuing vampire and werewolf races are revealed. Although he isn't seen in many of the previews, Michael Corvin is in the movie, and we learn about his new "condition." Questions that were posed at the end of the last movie are answered, and we are left with questions about what is to come. Will there be a third movie? My guess is that anyone who liked the first movie will really enjoy this one. I could talk about this movie all day, but I would reveal things that I wouldn't want to know prior to watching it. Don't take my word for its worth, however. Go see it and decide for yourself.

By the way, parents, be sure that you want your children to watch this before you purchase the tickets for them. It is rated R for violence and gore, nudity, sexual content, and some language. There is quite a bit more gore this time, and I jumped 10 times more during this one. But, you're watching a movie about a war between vampires and werewolves. What do you expect? In the one real sex scene none of the naughty bits are revealed, but those are the only bits not revealed. This is the closest cut movie sex I have seen in a while. I saw several parents cover children's eyes during this short clip. There are a few breasts revealed later, but very briefly and not in a really "titillating" context.


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