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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Too good to be true

Well, folks ....

Just when I thought that progress was being made, the religious reich and ignorant fearful win out.

Well.... They've gained a temporary victory anyway.

The actuality of this fiasco was pointed out to me by my husband. It seems to be that the BoE gave in to their "community that voted for them" so that they will vote for them again in the upcoming election. When this entire thing is pushed to court (which, in all honesty, it should be) and costs the tax payers massive money (no matter what their view of this issue), the law is the law. The BoE gets re-elected. The GSA gets to have their club. And, the BoE gets to claim to their "community" that they tried and tried their best, but that their hands were tied by the law.

My best friend put it most succinctly when she said, "They are clouding the issue with the issue." The club has the right to exist. Period. The point is not whether or not homosexuality is morally right or wrong. That battle will never be won. And, the BoE has no right to even attempt to make that call. The rules are very clear. The principal has said that the club has not disrupted the learning environment. No matter what Mr. Shuping thinks, he doesn't get to define terms so that they fit his fancy.

You can read about the original ruling referred to in my last post.
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